The Brandeis-Bardin Campus of American Jewish University is a Jewish retreat located in Simi ValleyCalifornia, USA. Formerly known as the Brandeis-Bardin Institute, it is used for nondenominational summer programs for children, teens and young adults. The Brandeis-Bardin Institute was founded by Shlomo Bardin inspired by the ideals of the early Zionist movement and the ideas and financial support of Justice Louis Brandeis. The institute branched out into a program for college aged Jews called the Brandeis Collegiate Institute, and a summer camp called Alonim.

The futuristic architecture of the campus’s House of the Book, designed by architect Sidney Eisenshtat, has appeared as a location in several film and television projects such as star trek and Power Rangers known as command center or power chamber for Mighty Morphin Power RangersPower Rangers: Zeo, and Power Rangers Turbo

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